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Description: Tom and Jerry Wallpapers
Keywords: Tom, Jerry, cartoon, Wallpapers
Date: 25.04.2007 10:26
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Rachel Bilson's dress: What you'd look like in her Herve Leger bandage creation

Designer Herve Leger is the undisputed king of what has been dubbed 'the bandage dress' - super-tight, elasticated dresses that are loved by celebrities for their figure-enhancing qualities.

The OC actress Rachel Bilson showed off her hour-glass shape in this cream version that highlights her curves and tan.

The trend has been much copied on the High Street, but these are usually made from cheap fabrics that don't pull in and shape the wearer.

But surely Herve Leger's £1,400 version would work its magic on any woman?

We tried it out on our size 14 model - and the results were so frightening you'd be forgiven for thinking she was off to a Halloween party dressed as a mummy!

The dress doesn't offer enough support for her bust, and is desperately tight around her hips and thighs.

It is also far too short, suggesting that these dresses are designed for only the most petite of women.

For a fraction of the price, a £95 cream Reiss dress with a gentle A-line and pleated hem detail is a far better choice, creating a defined waistline and flattering her legs.

Nike Free TR Fit, Reinvented

Winter generally calls for the standard heavy, stiff footwear that can virtually wear you down with each step. Nike designers saw at this as a problem that can be solved by combining Nike’s ultimate lightweight technology with premium materials that not only offer protection from the elements but also remain a stylish winter option in the process. The result is the coveted Nike Free TR Fit, reinvented as a limited edition release in supple leather that is so malleable it feels like a second skin.

The Nike Free TR Fit, Nike’s most flexible training shoe for women, is water-repellent and fortified with linings that help keep feet warm and dry when coping with the cold, wet and dark days of winter. Made for multi directional movement, a unique siping system allows for a full range of motion while a neoprene heel counter offers support to enhance natural motion.

Whether you are running errands for the day or heading to the gym, this unique edition of the Nike Free TR Fit can easily transition where ever your day takes you. A training shoe that looks like a street shoe, a street shoe that looks like a training shoe, this edition of the Nike Free TR Fit is the culmination of sport and life, featuring some of the softest leathers on the market coming together in a shoe that is as functional as it is stylish.

This premium edition of the Nike Free TR Fit is available in limited quantities globally. Please visit for more information.

Introducing the Nike Free Trainer 7.0 Shield

Designed to the training specifications of athletes across multiple sports, the Nike Free Trainer 7.0 Shield features lockdown support, Nike Free natural motion, breathability and water resistant upper to overcome winter weather.

With the progression in outdoor training – plyometrics, circuit drills, speed training – comes an evolution in Nike Training footwear. The harsh weather beginning in October through April in many worldwide locations can be an obstacle for outdoor training, but the Nike Free Trainer 7.0 Shield is specifically designed to brave the elements. Its Nike Shield upper features Durable Water Resistant (DWR) material, while the cage netting on the sidewall and heel clip provide lockdown support needed for training. The Nike Free outsole is articulated with rugged tread for outdoor use on a variety of surfaces.

Athletes across multiple sports adhere to a strict winter training regimen and professional athlete insight fueled the design of this shoe. To train properly for game-day outdoor conditions, these athletes now have a versatile training shoe for their needs.

“Our goal was to design a durable, outdoor training shoe that maximizes Nike Free technology – all in a lightweight and weather-ready package,” said Laura Parrett, Nike Training footwear designer. “We’re happy with the shoe’s performance versatility.”

The Nike Free Trainer 7.0 Shield also provides the adaptability and function for non-training use with its rugged street-friendly aesthetic. Performance benefits also include dual-pull lace technology and padded fleece around the ankle for warmth and comfort.

The shoe is available globally on October 1 in three colorways - black, khaki and silver. The silver colorway features a reflective upper tuned for the outdoors, a first for a Nike Training shoe. The Nike Free Trainer 7.0 franchise will carry through to Spring with new colorways and attributes.

Introducing the Nike Free Inneva Woven

Designed to mimic the natural biomechanics of the foot, the Nike Free Inneva Woven is defined by its premium crafted details: a hand-woven upper, dynamic lacing system and natural motion.

An intricate 360-degree hand-woven system interconnects laces with the nylon webbing to create a complex pattern that cradles the upper precisely to the foot. Taking inspiration from Nike running technologies, the natural motion midsole and outsole is flexible and comfortable.

The Nike woven process maximizes the “less is more" philosophy to minimize material waste to create a basket-like weave that serves both function and style.

First introduced in 2000, the original Nike Air Woven shoe flipped the convention of shoe making to create a new aesthetic that spawned a faithful fan contingent. This 2012 introduction of the Nike Free Inneva Woven brings the woven technique to a whole new level, with precision weave that features varied strand widths for support, flexibility and breathability. The Nike Free Inneva Woven merges craftsmanship and performance innovation to form a design that is as beautiful as its benefits.

The Nike Free Inneva Woven launches globally in limited quantities on Saturday, September 22.

What you'd look like in... Kate Winslet's Herve Leger dress

Toned, tanned and looking every bit the Hollywood starlet, Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet looks sophisticated and understated in this body-hugging black Herve Leger dress.

It showed off her flat stomach, firm arms and elegant curves to a tee, but we were sceptical that an ordinary woman could look as good in such an unforgiving frock.

On our own model that dress looked painfully tight and a little bit bumpy over the body, but we were surprised at how well it held in her size 12-14 figure.

The downside though? This simple, elasticated black dress costs a whopping £1370.

If you want to emulate Kate Winslet's A-list style on a budget, Zara has a fantastic bandage dress for a fraction of the price at £35.90.

It may not have the designer label, or the plunging neckline but the shorter hem and slightly looser cut actually makes our girl look slimmer than the super-tight, and super-expensive version.

Ken Griffey Jr. explains: 'I felt it was right for me to leave'

"There was no fanfare, no ceremony. Really, there was no warning.

Much like the way he left abruptly last season, Ken Griffey Jr. arrived at the Seattle Mariners' spring training complex unannounced Wednesday afternoon.

Suddenly he was just there, clad in a black sweat suit and visor and ready to assume his role as "special consultant" to the Seattle Mariners organization today.

Even with his sudden appearance, Griffey knew that he wouldn't be able to avoid discussing what transpired last season when he called Mariners president Chuck Armstrong from a gas station in Montana to say he was retiring.

So Griffey walked into the small media room at the team's complex Wednesday, sat on a counter and spoke publicly for the first time since his unforeseen departure June 2.

"I'm only going to do this one time, and this will be the last time I talk about it," he said.

After a pause and a deep breath, he continued in a controlled, quiet voice.

"Last year, I felt it was necessary for me to remove myself from the team," he said. "I told Chuck and Howard (Lincoln), No. 1, if I become a distraction or feel I'm going to be a distraction, then I will retire. Because that's the one thing I didn't want to become is a distraction to the organization."

The trademark Griffey smile that fans came to know during both of his playing stints with the Mariners was nowhere to be seen.

"Second, I gave myself a little bit of a head start," he said. "A lot of people that are friends of mine would have tried to talk me out of it. I just felt it was best for me and the organization to retire. No fault of its own. Things happen. I'm not upset. I think people thought I was upset. That wasn't the case. I just felt it was more important for me to retire instead of being a distraction. It no longer became the Seattle Mariners. It became, 'When is Ken doing this?' 'When is Ken doing that?' That's something that I didn't want to have my teammates, who I truly care about, have to answer these kinds of questions, day-in and day-out."

But that explanation might not sit well with fans who felt like they never received a proper goodbye."

Mariners confirm Ken Griffey Jr. hired as special consultant

"The Mariners just confirmed our report that Ken Griffey Jr. has been hired as a special consultant by the ballclub.

A release put out by the team states that Griffey "will be involved in numerous areas of the Mariners franchise, including, but not limited to, Major League Baseball Operations, player development, our minor league system marketing, broadcasting and community relations.''

The team says Griffey will join the club in Peoria for a portion of spring training. As we told you earlier, he has prior commitments outside the country through the rest of February, so he won't be here until March. He will make trips to Seattle during the year as well as to the team's minor league affiliates."

Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley gives a lesson in how to be fabulous at 57

She was warned when she began modelling that her career would be over by the time she turned 30.

But at 57, Christie Brinkley shows no sign of losing her Uptown Girl appeal.

The mother-of-three proved she still knows how to turn heads yesterday in New York as she showed off moves from her role as Roxie in the Broadway version of musical Chicago.

And in a skintight red Herve Leger dress, the glamorous blonde could have passed for a woman half her age.

Miss Brinkley, who has been married four times, told a New York breakfast television host that her ex-husband Billy Joel, 61, had given her some singing tips before she auditioned for the musical.

‘He helped with my projection,’ she said.

The star, who has appeared on more than 500 magazine covers, also revealed that dancing in the show had ‘definitely’ improved her figure.

Miss Brinkley was criticised for her dancing in the 1983 video for Joel’s hit Uptown Girl – but insists she has improved since.

Griffey's retirement stirs admiration

"With the retirement of Mariner great Ken Griffey Jr., baseball has lost perhaps its last clean, steroid-free slugger from the era say from mid-'80s to the present, with Jim Thome maybe the last sole survivor.

When the man with the sweetest swing ever and the infectious smile decided to hang them up from Seattle, his being clean and not mentioned in an any scandal involving HGH helps ease some of the pain that cheaters like Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Canseco, Giambi, Palmeiro, Manny, Ortiz, Clemens, and Pettitte, to name of few of the suspect parties, inflicted on us baseball fans.

As we all know, Father Time catches all of us, but it makes you feel your age when a 19- year-old breaks in for the '89 season and 21 quick years later, as you approach 53, start to marry kids off and retire from a job, do you actually realize that time actually does indeed fly by all of us. "

Ken Griffey Jr. in his prime will be the sight to remember

"Roger Jongewaard doesn't want to dwell on the awkward ending to Ken Griffey Jr.'s career, which grinded to an uncomfortable halt on Wednesday.

Jongewaard prefers to think about Griffey's glorious beginnings.

It was Jongewaard, as the Mariners' scouting director, who made the recommendation in 1987 to select the high-school outfielder from Cincinnati's Moeller High School with the No. 1 overall pick.

Granted, it didn't take a baseball Einstein to recognize the burgeoning phenomenon that was Griffey. But Jongewaard had to convince skeptical M's owner George Argyros that Griffey was the right man. Argyros, it seems, was still irked about the slow progress of Jongewaard's previous year's No. 1, outfielder Patrick Lennon.

"I told him I wanted to take Junior," recalled Jongewaard, now 74 and living near San Diego, where he scouts for the Florida Marlins. "He said, 'No, there's a college pitcher from Fullerton I think is better suited for us, Mike Harkey.'

" 'No, Junior's the guy,' " Jongewaard assured Argyros.

" 'That's what you said about the last guy,' " the owner replied.

Jongewaard ultimately won that debate, and the rest is baseball history and Seattle legend."

If Griffey returns, it will be in 2011

"Ken Griffey Jr. will be back in Seattle at some point this season for a much deserved tribute from the team and its fans, but if he's going to return to the team in any other role, it will likely be next year.

Agent Brian Goldberg and team president Chuck Armstrong were scheduled to talk today about possible roles for Junior with the Mariners beyond this season, but none had been determined.

There was some confusion Thursday over whether Griffey might return in some role this year, and that report caught the Mariners off-guard because it hadn't been mentioned when Junior told them of his retirement."
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